Yorkshire Photo Walks was running ‘The Yorkshire Dales Photographic Grid Project’ over the summer of 2016 and I decided to get involved. The idea was to visit the grid square intersection points and take a photograph at each point. This project linked in well with the map tile series I have been exploring and I decided to merge the two and use the photograph locations to draw inspiration for my sculpture and record the making of it.

My initial idea was to represent the landscape of the area by picking out key features, but an early site visit near Mossdale Scar changed my mind. Rather than images of beautiful landscape features, on this visit I was struck by scenes of death and destruction – grouse butts, shotgun shells, dead rabbits, stoat traps, feathers, burnt heather – and the nearby landscape feature I had planned to represent, Mossdale scars, turned out to be the entrance to Mossdale caverns, where the worst caving disaster in Britain took place when six cavers died there in 1967.

mossdalemossdale-2 mossdale-3 mossdale-4 mossdale-5

The scene was then set, I would use found materials from the sites to create a map tile which explored these themes.

There were 13 intersection points in this area (areas outside of the National Park were not included), these are the photographs I took for the project:

01-32j 02-32d 03-32b 04-32a05-32g 06-32i 07-32f 08-32e09-32h 10-32k 11-32m 12-32l13-32c

The finished sculpture:

conistone-1 conistone-2 conistone-3conistone-4 conistone-5